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We know that millions of Android Application are found in the Google Play store and many more coming. Android OS has become the largest in-app mobile advertising. As of the Android Developer I would like to list some of the best Mobile Advertising Network for Android. You can analyse and test the different  ad network which will be best for your app as well as earning form the app.


Admob, a mobile advertising network which was founded in 2006 by Omar Hamoui. Later in 2009 it was acquired by Google. It's one of the largest mobile advertising platform serving more than 40 billion banner and text ads monthly. 


  • Ad Format: Banner and Interstitial
  • Fill rate: 95%-100%
  • Payment Method: checks, electronic funds transfer (EFT), wire transfer, Western Union Quick Cash, EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), and Rapida
  • No Conversion calculators required. Local payment available.
  • Payment Schedule: 30 days
  • Minimum Threshold: $100
  • Good CTR
  • Can get payment to Payoneer Master Card using US payment Service.
If you need payment in paypal then it's bad luck admob doesn't support paypal anymore. Although it's the Google subsidiary product the Support is not good active than other networks. It is one of the best ad network and no need to worry about because it's Google product and can use this ad network. 


Startapp is another mobile advertising network founded in 2010. They have the office in New York, Israel, China and India. The apps integrating the startapp sdk are increasing day by day.


  • Ad Format: Interstitial, Native ad, Banner, Exit ad, Slider, Splash ads, 3D wall
  • Fill rate: 85%-95%
  • Payment Method: Wire Transfer, PayPal, e-Check/Local bank transfer
  • Payment Schedule: 30 days
  • Minimum Threshold: $50
  • Support: Good
There may not be stable eCPM in daily basis. Startapp doesn't support payment through US payment service to Payoneer Master Card. 


Airpush is a bootstrapped mobile advertising platform founded in December 2010. Forbes ranked Airpush as the #2 in America's Most Promising Company in 2014. It has the offices in Los Angeles, California and Bangalore, India.


  • Ad Format: Banner, Smart Wall, Audio ads, Video ads, Push notifications, Interstitial, Icon Ads
  • Fill rate: 85%-95%
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH
  • Payment Schedule: Weekly payment with minimum threshold of $300/week.
  • Minimum Threshold: $50 for ACH, $10 for PayPal
  • Support: Good
  • Get Payment to Payoneer Master Card using US payment Service.
But the  EULA dialog box irritates the user until they accept. There may not be stable revenue for your app.


LeadBolt is another mobile advertising network founded in 2010 in Sydney, Australia. It is focused for both advertiser and developer to advertise and earn the revenue. The office is located in Los Angeles and California with experienced team.


  • Ad Format: Floating, Audio, In-App Alerts, Banner, Interstitials, Overlays, Videos, App Wall
  • High eCPMs
  • Support: Good 
  • Payment Method: Paypal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer 
  • Payment Schedule: Net 15
  • Minimum threshold: $100
  • Support: Good


AppFlood is the product of  Papaya Mobile which was founded in 2008 by Si Shen and Qian Wenjie. It provides the control for monetization and distribution of Android app for the Developers directly. 


  • Ad Formats: Interstitials, Icon Ads,  More Games Menu, App Lists, Notification, Custom Integration
  • Referral Bonus of 5% is available from the revenue of referred developer.
  • Payment Method: Paypal, Wire Transfer
  • Minimum threshold: $100
  • Splash Screen SDK available 

Other Ad Networks:

  • App Wiz
  • Mobile core
  • App Brain
  • Epom Market
  • Appia, and many more..


There are many mobile advertising networks available and coming in future. But you need to select the best and appropriate ad network so that you can utilize the app to earn the money properly. It doesn't mean you need to use maximum number of ad networks to earn more money. It's a bad idea and you will not get good result. I would rather suggest admob because it's the Google product and the payment is also available in local Currency via Western Union Money transfer. After admob I prefer startapp because of its high eCPM in Splash ad. 

 So select one or two ad network and integrate properly in your app. You need to perform some testing before you launch or update your application to the market. 

Have Fun Making Money 
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