Top 10 Facts of Brazil at FIFA World Cup


Brazil is known as the country of football. Brazil has played their first International match with Argentina in September 20, 1914 and lost by 3 goal.

Moreover the biggest win is with Nicaragua with 14-0 in October 17, 1975.  Also worst defeat is with Uruguay by 6-0 in September 18, 1920.

Here is the top 10 facts of Brazil in World Cup Football:-

  1. Brazil is the only nation to win 5 times the FIFA World Cup Titles in 1958, 1962,1970, 1994, 2002.
  2. Brazil has participated in all World Cups since 1930. No other countries had taken part in all World Cups.
  3. It's the second time brazil is hosting the FIFA World Cup. In 1950 Brazil has hosted the 4th World Cup.
  4. Ronaldo, a former Brazilian footballer is the top goal scorer in World Cup. He has the record of 15 goals.
  5. Brazil has won the World Cup title in 4 different Continents i.e. South America, North America, Europe and Asia.
  6. Also Brazil has received most red cards in World Cup i.e. 11.
  7. Ronaldo has changed his hair style in 2002 match because his son thought that he was the son of Roberto Carlos. 
  8. Seven Players have won the FIFA Golden Ball Award. They are: Leônidas, Zizinho, Didi, Garrincha, Pelé, Romario and Ronaldo.
  9. Five Players have won the FIFA Golden Boot Award. They are: Leônidas, Ademir, Garrincha, Vavá, and Ronaldo.
  10. Brazil has won 11 consecutive matches in World Cup i.e. in 2002 and 2006. No other countries has this record. 

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