[SOLVED] Blurry Photos On Facebook

McAfee is making it a little safer to share photos on the social network starting at the end of August. A product called Social Protection is being launched by the company through which you can control who can view your pictures and prevents from viewing elsewhere.

Downloading and sharing of your pictures will be prevented using Social Protection when someone views your pictures. Capturing a Screenshot of the picture will also be prevented by the Social Protection which displays a lock icon over the picture if someone tries to take the Screenshot.

The major reason for the blurry photos is the same Social Protection Plugin which will be available from the end of August. If you have installed the Plugin, the person who views your pictures must also have the same plugin. If not, the pictures will be blurry and will be inconsistent to see. Thus you must have to install the Social Protection Plugin to view your friend’s picture if he/she has installed the same plugin.

The plugin contains many other features like Facial Recognition, Keeping your identity safe, alert system ,etc. The plugin will be available at the end of August for IE,Firefox and Chrome on PCs. For Mac, it will be available soon and at the end of the year for iOS and Android.

                                                            Hope this helps...

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