[RELEASED] Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) Alpha 3

The third alpha version of Ubuntu 12.10 has been released and made available for download.This version is named as Quantal Quetzal which was released on July 26.This is just an alpha version and is not fully stable.The first beta version is expected to release on September 6 and the final stable version is supposed to be available in October 18.The previous version of Ubuntu was 12.04 named as Precise Pangolin.

This version includes many user visible changes, updated software updater , 3rd party driver installer, new session menu and many more.

New Features In Ubuntu 12.10 Alpha 3
Updated packages/components include:
·         Linux Kernel 3.5
·         LibreOffice 3.6.2 RC
·         Firefox 15 Beta
·         GNOME 3.5.4
·         New Look Nautilus

The hardware requirements to install Ubuntu 12.10 is a minimum of 384 MB RAM with available hard disk space of 5 GB.

You can download the ISO image file from the following links:-

We users hope to get all the latest and updated features from this version of Ubuntu which were not available in the previous versions.

This is only the testing phase of Ubuntu 12.10, so may not be much more stable.But you can explore its features  and get maximum benefit from it.

                                                               Hope this helps....

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