[Adobe Flash] Not Supporting in Android 4.1

Finally Adobe has announced officially that it won't support the Android 4.1 and coming above versions on the mobile browsers. Flash is supported by the Adobe Android versions and now Adobe decided to support the 4.1 and coming versions.

As we know that Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod doesn't support the Flash. The apple is not supporting the flash and Android supports the flash which made beneficiary for the Android and became famous and good for the users. In 2011 Adobe has said that it will stop developing the flash for the mobile browsers and finally it announced about the end of flash for Android 4.1 and coming versions.

Now the HTML 5 will replace the flash which supports rich multimedia contents.Moreover Adobe has recommended to uninstall the flash player on the devices which has upgraded to Android 4.1.

After August 15 Adobe will disable the fresh install of Flash from the Google Play also. Lets see How HTML 5 overcomes the flash and feel better.

What is your view about the Adobe not supporting Flash in Android 4.1 and coming versions.

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