[ADD] Flying Twitter Bird Widget to your Blog

The animated flying twitter bird widget can be added to your blogger post easily. This widget helps your blog to increase your followers in the twitter and tweet easily.

Moreover it makes your blog post look better. Here is the steps you should follow to add the twitter bird
widget to your blog:-
  1.  Firstly login your blooger and Go to Template- HTML Editer and click Edit HTML.
  2.  Then use the following code just below the body of HTML page highlighted in red.

<!-- Twitter Bird Widget for Blogger  -->
<script src='http://bloggerblogwidgets.googlecode.com/files/way2blogging.org-tripleflap.js' type='text/javascript'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var twitterAccount = &quot;Your twitter name here!&quot;;
var tweetThisText = &quot; <data:blog.pageTitle/>: <data:blog.url/> &quot;;
<span style='font-size:11px;position:absolute;'><a href='http://www.way2blogging.org' target='_blank' title='Blogger Widget by Way2blogging.Org'><img border='0' src='http://img1.blogblog.com/img/blank.gif'/></a></span><a href='http://www.refreshit.info' target='_blank'>Twitter Bird Gadget</a>
<!-- Twitter Bird Widget for Blogger  -->

  • Moreover change the twitter username. Use your twitter username and you will get the flying twitter bird in your blog post.
  • Then save the HTML and look for the blog post you will find the bird flying in your web page.
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                                            Hope this Helps ..

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