[HOW TO] Start Programming With JavaFX In NetBeans [WINDOWS]

JavaFX is the next step in the evolution of Java as a rich client platform. It is designed to provide a lightweight, hardware-accelerated Java UI platform for enterprise business applications. With JavaFX, developers can preserve existing investments by reusing Java libraries in their applications. They can even access native system capabilities, or seamlessly connect to server-based middleware applications.

JavaFX provides a powerful Java-based UI platform capable of handling large-scale data-driven business applications. JavaFX applications are completely developed in Java, one of the most widely deployed technologies with one of the largest developer communities in the world, while leveraging the power of standards-based programming practices and design patterns. JavaFX provides a rich set of UI controls, graphics and media API with high-performance hardware-accelerated graphics and media engines to simplify development of immersive visual applications.

NetBeans is a free, open source  Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which is generally used to program in multiple programming languages.All the tools needed to create professional desktop, enterprise, web, and mobile applications with the Java platform, as well as with C/C++, PHP, JavaScript and Groovy are available.Now, I am going to tell you all about how to start programming with JavaFX in NetBeans Ide. The following are the steps you should follow:-

  • To start programming with JavaFX , you will need to download the JavaFx 2.1 SDK which is available in the Oracle's official web site.
  • The next step is to download the JavaFX runtime environment which you will get from the same web site.
  • Next is to update your JDK.You will need latest JDK like JDK 7u3 or JDK 7u4.
  • JavaFx is supported only by NetBeans 7.1 . Thus you will need to download the latest version of NetBeans like NetBeans 7.1.2
  • The easy way to do all of the listed processes above is to download the JDK 7u4 + NetBeans 7.1.2 package from the oracle's website.
  • Here is a quick link for you. 
  • The JDK 7u4 contains the JavaFX 2.1 SDK and runtime environment bundled with it.
  • Just download the JDK 7u4 + NetBeans package and install it.
  • It would be better to uninstall the previous version of JDK before following the process.
  • After completing the installation process , open NetBeans and create a New Project.
  • You will see JavaFx application option on your menu.
  • That's all.


                                                          Hope this may help you................        


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