We send and receive  the mail using the gmail, hotmail or yahoomail. Many of us don't know to use the keyboard shortcut and here is the list of some of the shortcuts while using the gmail, yaho-mail and hotmail that may help you lot and makes faster to work on it.

Yahoomail shortcuts
N : compose new e-mail
Ctrl+Enter : send e-mail
R : reply
A : reply all
F : forward e-mail
K : mark as read
Shift+K : mark as unread
L : flag e-mail
Shift+L : clear flag
Delete : delete e-mail
M : check e-mail (go to inbox)
Ctrl+] : move to next tab
Ctrl+[ : move to previous tab
Ctrl+S : save as draft
S : search
? : display keyboard shortcuts

Gmail Shortcuts

Actions and navigation
c : compose new message
r : reply
a : reply all
f : forward
Shift + r : reply in new window
Shift + a : reply all in new window
Shift + f : forward in a new window
e : archive
y : remove label
# : move to trash
! : report spam
+ : mark important
- : mark unimportant
/ : search
s : toggle star
z : undo last action
n : view next message
p : view previous message
? : show keyboard shortcuts
g then i : go to inbox
g then t : go to sent messages
g then d : go to drafts
g then a : go to all mail
g then s : go to starred e-mail
g then l : go to label
g then c : go to contacts
g then k : go to tasks
E-mail selections
* then a : select all e-mail
* then n : deselect all e-mail
* then r : select read e-mail
* then u : select unread e-mail
* then s : select starred e-mail
* then t : select unstarred e-mail

Hotmail shortcuts

Ctrl+N : new e-mail
Ctrl+Enter : send e-mail
Delete : delete e-mail
Ctrl+Shift+O : open e-mail
Ctrl+R : reply
Ctrl+Shift+R : reply all
Ctrl+Shift+F : forward e-mail
Ctrl+Q : mark as read
Ctrl+U : mark as unread
Ctrl+S : save as draft
L : flag e-mail
Ctrl+Shift+J : mark as junk
Esc : close e-mail
F7 : check spelling
S then A : select all
S then N : deselect all
F then I : go to inbox
F then D : go to drafts
F then S : go to sent folder
/ : search

First enable the keyboard shortcuts from the setting of your mail to use this shortcuts efficiently.

                                            Hope this may help you.
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